God has given us all talents!  Talents that are unique to each of us and that are meant to be shared with the rest of His Kingdom.  At St. Mark, there are many opportunities to use your talents in our Leadership roles and Board opportunities.  Don't let the name fool you, it's easy!  Anyone can volunteer in any role to help spread the Word of God!

Leadership Positions

President: Steven Krivos

  • Preside over all meetings of vestry & Voter Assembly.
  • Make appointments to the majority of committees initiated by the vestry & voters.

       Vice President: Dave Schneider

  • Perform the duties of the President in his absence.
  • Assist the President with Voter Assembly

Treasurer: Bill Leggett

  • Prepares and keeps full and accurate minutes of the voters and vestry meetings.

Financial Secretary: Becky Dmitruk

  • Keep an account of the offerings of members.
  • Provides quarterly statements to members of their offerings.
  • Prepare and submit monthly report to Vestry.
  • Provides reports to Voters Assembly as needed.  

Recording Secretary: Dolores Kovach

  • Responsible for the congregation’s funds.
  • Make disbursements as authorized by vestry, boards or Voter Assembly.
  • Maintain accurate account of receipt and disbursement of funds.
  • Monitor cash flows and provide budget reports to applicable boards.
  • Prepare and submit monthly report to Vestry.
  • Provides reports to Voters Assembly as needed.  

Board of Elders

(Rick Thompson, Steven Krivos, Brenton Krivos, Dave Schneider, Josh Kent)

  • Ministers to the pastor and the congregation for their spiritual welfare.
  • Maintain proper order in the worship service.

Board of Trustees

(Bob Mitchell, Bob Schanz, Bruce Sumwalt, Dave Mihok, Matt Houdeshell, Steve Rubinski, Mike VanHimbergen)

  • Ensure proper maintenance, repair and protection of church property.

Board of Stewardship

(Frank Anderson)

  • Provide stewardship over the congregation’s time, talents, and treasures of the congregation.  

  • Assist congregation members to identify their talents and spiritual gifts and how to use their talents and spiritual gifts to support Christ’s work.

Board of Evangelism

(Cindy Kent, Jan Michelson)

  • Enlistment of God’s people in the work of spreading the Gospel.

  • Encourage prayer for sincere evangelistic concern of all people inside and outside of the Church.

  • Promote congregation-wide evangelism.

  • Reach out and encourage potential members and visitors using all means of communication.

Board of Recreation and Fellowship

(Sue Rubinski, Jennifer Sero) 

  • Provide opportunities for the strengthening of fellowship through spiritual, social, and recreational activities.

  • Assist with the integration of new members into the life of the congregation.

  • Assist with the building up of mutual cooperation, trust, and enjoyment of all.

For more information on any of the leadership or board positions, please contact the church office